Our Goal:

Changing People’s Lives
Come and join us in this hoppy journey.

About the project

BEACON (noun) A fire or light, set up in a high or prominent
position as a warning, signal, or celebration.
Beacon Beers, is a nonprofit independent project on a mission of
providing a beacon of hope, happiness and charity,
with each sale of our taste-pleasing brew.

Beacon Beers is focused on helping our communitY most vulnerable population single parents, abandoned children, and the elderly. We are committed to making a difference by donating 100% of our profits to these groups in need and simultaneously producing top quality, delicious product for you to enjoy.
Beacon Beer, let’s pay it forward.

Our products

Tech and Marketing Info regarding the Blonde Ale Beer:
We developed our unique handcrafted recipes, that will provide a full and rich drinking experience. Skilled Brewmasters use only the highest quality ingredients, and old school artisanal processes- we were able to create amazing beers. Beacon Beers will give patrons a chance to experience a beer they’ll come back for again and again- and the chance to help others, through their purchase.

Beer Profile: Our special version of a Blonde Ale, made with an imported yeast, single malt combined with an elegant full aromatic hop. This is a wonderfully light and refreshing beer for anytime of the day.

Beer notes: Almond, nutty, pine, yeast
Food pairing: Savory hors d’oeuvres, mild and soft cheeses, pasta.

4.5% ABV / 20 IBUS / Can of 12 Fl Oz

Perfect Serve
We want you to have the best possible drinking experience whenever you decide to try our artisanal beers, below you will find few important tips:

A magnific hazy style east coast traditional beer, very cloudy and intense yellowish color, 4 robust hops.

Beer notes: Passion Fruit, pineapple, hops.

Food pairing: sea food, southern barbecue, gourmet burgers.

6.5% ABV 35 IBUS


The Beacon Beer team is spearheaded by two outstanding retired veterans with a deep passion for brewing beer and a life long history of helping the community. this made the decision for us group enterprises extremely easy when delegating such an important task.

How to Buy / Contribute with the cause
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